Race and Track

Festival Italia – Brands Hatch

We were treated to a glorious day for the Festival Italia event at Brands Hatch on the 14th of August. Amongst many of the attractions the event hosted rounds 7 and 8 of the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic, the 2nd year the Ferrari owners club have supported the event. The two 20 minute races were run on the Indy circuit which makes for great spectating. An impressive entry of 24 cars were entered for both 20 minute races. Nick Cartwright was running his 328 GTB in the Group 4 Class.

Memorable Season Finale at La Passione Ferrari

We have enjoyed some outstanding events this year, but the icing on the cake was always going to be the season finale at Passione Ferrari Silverstone. We hoped for a big grid and got it. We hoped for good weather and got it. We hoped for good, close and safe racing with nicely presented cars, and got it. With so many Club members present, not to mention more Ferrari North Europe and Ferrari Italy dignitaries than have ever witnessed our racing series, this was an important week-end.

Masters race meeting at Donington 2nd and 3rd July

For the third race meeting of 2016 the Pirelli Ferrari formula classic races were held on the full GP circuit at Donington Park. Probably for all the competitors this was a new experience as opportunities to race on the full circuit are hard to come by. We were able to run on the full circuit as we were part of the Masters race weekend which included their FIA GP and Sports Car races so were able to watch some exceptional classic racing – and there are few better places than the Craner Curves to watch.

Val de Vienne

Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic made its debut at the French circuit Val de Vienne on the 4th and 5th of June. Three races took place over what was a spectacular weekend of racing and huge gathering of classic and modern Ferraris. Our three entered 328 GTB’s pictured being loaded ready to make the journey.